Unicorn speaking…

So I went out tonight and had that odd experience of male aggression mingled with hotness. When he pulled my hair, I honestly gasped in pleasure, but when I said, “Take me home,” and he just grabbed me again under my shirt, I got a bit turned off. Why can’t men just be a little aggressive? Why don’t they know where to draw the line? I told him, “You’re not coming home with me,” and still he persisted. What part of that was not clear? Though I admit that when he grabbed me, I kissed him back. And he smelled and tasted wonderful.

His parting words, “Am I ever going to see you again?” went up like a giant red flag. Is this what he does with girls? Just grabs as much as he can in one session because he thinks there won’t be a second one? I mean, I’m so confused. He was hot as hell. If he would tone down the aggression, girls would want to be with him again.

He also said, “If I were a girl, you’d let me come upstairs with you.” Well, so what? Maybe I would and maybe I wouldn’t. That’s my choice, right? Don’t try to shame me into doing something for you by using my sexuality as a lever.

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One Response to Aggression

  1. K says:

    Oh my. That doesn’t sound fun. Im so sorry you had to experience that. That is fucked up. You are totally right, misusing your sexuality and his power. Gross. Not to mention borderline sexual assault…

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