Liking as to wanting

I had the most lovely experience last week, of going to a coffee shop and seeing the most wonderful man waiting for me in a booth.  He smiled at me immediately, acknowledging his luck at my arrival, and he immediately started up a lively conversation that lasted the better part of four hours.  We talked about everything and about all these nerdy pursuits that we both have.  This is the kind of person that I love- a person that can make conversation about anything, because they are truly interested in everything.  I was told once by an ex that I am the easiest person in the world to buy a present for- because I like almost everything in the world.  I am also an easy person to please on a date- take me to any museum and I will be happy because I am learning something.

Anyway, as this man talked, I studied his face, his eyes, his little beard and curly dark hair, and I knew that this would be a good man to have children with.  And who knew that was such a factor for me?  But at the same time I got a little scared feeling, because I don’t want to date one person or I guess for one person to ask me to stop dating people.  But as PHOENIX counseled me later, with men you get more leeway.  I’m used to dating women, when it feels to me almost as though a bird has snatched me up to drag me to her nest.  [yes, I understand that statement is problematic.  but my experiences were problematic, to put it lightly]  So at the end of the date, I got shy and only hugged him.  He said he would call me this next week if he has time (we are both so very busy).  If he calls me or not, I’m fine, because I’m just happy to have met him.  


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