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We are a team of bisexual (really, pansexual), sex-positive, feminist women who have recently set out to free ourselves from the bondage of our protestant upbringings and embrace the exploration of ourselves, our sexuality, and our relations to other people.  With the help of online dating websites we have opened our hearts, minds and lives to freely experience love, sex and emotion.  This blog is a place where we will share our observations, challenges, and joys.  It is our hope that our adventure can help others who desire to make similar leaps and to inspire all of us to question the way we love ourselves and others, the lessons we’ve been taught about sexuality, and our relationship to our own bodies.

Meet Unicorn

Meet Phoenix

Unicorn and I embarked on this journey at the same time.  My story is different then hers in that I had left a long term relationship

about a year prior.  Through that process, I realized I lost myself and was lacking deep knowledge of my needs, wants and desires.  In the year since, I spent a great deal of energy working to know who I am, what I want, and learning to express those desires clearly.




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