Harassment Day

Unicorn here-

Patrice O’Neal is one of my guilty-viewing pleasures on YouTube. I was hooked after a friend showed me “Typical White Guy Crimes” and it was over after that (unfortunately, Patrice passed away from a diabetes-related stroke this fall). While incredibly raunchy, Patrice’s stand-up routines were remarkably spot-on, whether while reflecting on male-female relations, racism in the US, or the difficulties of living with diabetes. “Harassment Day” is one of my favorite of his bits.

While it would be ridiculous to have a holiday solely for sexually harassing co-workers, how wonderful would it be if we could express our desires in an open and honest way, every day? If we could tell people that we wanted them and continue on from there? One of the hardest things in my life has been telling people what I want, even though I know perfectly well what it is that I want- I want to have a lot of sex with a lot of hot people. My new goal is to put everything out there, and to be open with people.

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Round Two?

Greetings dear reader! Phoenix here with a burning question: how do you decide if you want to go out with someone a second time?

You are probably thinking: “what a silly question, of course you’ll know if the date was good or bad”.  I assure you, I don’t have a clue.

Since setting off on this journey a week ago, I’ve gone out with six different people – and have a seventh date set for tonight (and one next week).  Clearly I can’t manage to date eight different people – but I enjoyed talking to nearly all of these matches.

Part of the struggle I’m having is due to the fact that dating websites do the work for you.  Before you go out with someone, you know if you are attracted to them (at least as they appear in photos) and you know their politics and interests are aligned with yours.  That eliminates 70% of the reasons to stop dating someone.

Perhaps the problem is that I’m just a great conversationalist (you don’t know me, but that is sarcasm).  All but one of the dates has lasted at least three hours – hours filled with enjoyable conversation about politics, families, and interests.  I have literally enjoyed getting to know all (except for one) of these individuals.  How do you decide to go out with a second time?

I know that one person is out of the running to get to keep dating me.  That date occurred earlier today.  On paper he should probably be my best match – our politics and interests are all aligned.  The problem?  He barely stopped talking for me to get a word in edgewise.  That would have been OK if he was funny, but he is even more serious than me (and I am pretty serious, my online profile contains exactly one humorous remark).  Clearly dating this person would result in me being bored by the very things I love to talk about.


That leaves me with seven (assuming these last two dates go well).

You may say the issue is chemistry – but I feel both complete chemistry when I’m with these people and absolutely none when we are apart.  I’m not sitting at home pining after one, waiting for them to text me (presumably because there are so many so my phone is blowing up).

I did have sex with one, so I guess that means he gets to see me again…

So, help me, dear reader.  Tell me stories of bad dates you’ve had.  How have you decided who to go out with a second time?


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Our Project

We are a team of bisexual (really, pansexual) women who have recently set out to free ourselves from the bondage of our protestant upbringings and embrace the exploration of ourselves, our sexuality, and our relations to other people.  With the help of online dating websites we have opened our hearts, minds and lives to freely experience love, sex and emotion.  This blog is a place where we will share our observations, challenges, and joys.  It is our hope that our adventure can help others who desire to make similar leaps and to inspire all of us to question the way we love ourselves and others, the lessons we’ve been taught about sexuality, and our relationship to our own bodies.  We hope you enjoy hearing about our experiences as much as we delight in having them.

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